Mako Breathing Air Compressors

Mako is a leading manufacturer of breathing air compressors offering an
extensive range of standard breathing air compressors, containment fill stations and accessories along with bespoke products designed to meet customers specific application requirements.

The standard range includes the cost effective EconoAir breathing air compressor models, which deliver an economical supply of high quality air and encompass a 3 or 4 stage Mako compressor and purification system. Another lower cost breathing air system solution from Mako is the ruggedly built Horizontal Breathing Air (HBA) open frame unit range. These units offer a cost effective solution without sacrificing quality, flexibility or filling capacity.

There is also a modular range of breathing air systems. The Breathing Air Module (BAM) units include an industrial duty 3 or 4 stage compressor block and provide unsurpassed value and peace of mind. In addition, these units can be integrated into an all-on-one total air system solution with the Modular Breathing Air Center (M-BAC) range, which further includes a containment fill station and air storage system.

Where a mobile system is required, Mako manufactures the customised Mobile Solutions range, which include ISO Certified compressors, purification, fill panels, storage and NFPA 1901 containment fill stations.

Mako breathing air compressors are durable and dependable and relied upon in industries worldwide including the municipal fire, industrial safety, dive and government markets.

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