L-TV Series 149-410 kW

Variable Displacement Rotary Screw Compressors

The L-TV series variable displacement rotary screw compressors from 149 to 410 kW, uses a unique variable displacement technology to match compressor output to compressed air demand. This patented TurnValve design introduced over 25 years ago, maximizes compressor efficiency by compressing only the volume of air required, without affecting the built-in compression ratio at partial load conditions.

The TurnValve displaced inlet throttling technology is the most efficient means of compressor capacity control, eliminating wide pressure fluctuations and massive storage requirements required when using other methods of capacity control.
Unlike variable speed drive systems and sophisticated control units, the TurnValve variable displacement system is simple and reliable, capable of performing in extreme conditions.

With energy costs accounting for approximately 80% of the lifetime cost of a compressor, its reassuring to know that with the L-TV series variable displacement rotary screw compressors, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 16%

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L-TV Series 149-410 kW

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