Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors

Hydrovane is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered compressors, blowers, pumps and other fluid transfer equipment.

With its global manufacturing and distribution centre at Redditch in the UK, Hydrovane has been designing and manufacturing rotary vane compressors for over 50 years. Hydrovane manufactures a range of; fixed speed and regulated speed, open and enclosed, vertical and horizontal format rotary vane compressors from 1.1 to 75 kW.

At the smaller end of the range, Hydrovane offers the HV (PURS/PUTS) series horizontal open format (enclosed) fixed speed rotary vane compressors. From 1.1 to 7.5 kW these compressors are compact, reliable and versatile, ideal for OEM applications and a wide variety of light industrial applications such as dentistry, automotive and machine tools.

For larger applications Hydrovane manufacture the 55 – 75 kW HV (ACE) series horizontal enclosed fixed and regulated speed rotary vane compressors.
Slow speed direct drive operation coupled with few moving parts means less components to fail and no power loss through belts or gears for a highly reliable compressed air system. A simple construction and grouped service components, further ensures that the HV series compressors are easy to service, decreasing the time required for routine maintenance.

Where energy efficiency is a key objective, Hydrovane presents the regulated speed (RS) compressor range. Specifically designed to save energy, an Inverter Drive regulates the speed of the RS series rotary vane compressors to precisely meet the system air requirement. By matching output to demand only the right amount of energy is consumed to do the job. Typically, energy savings of 30 – 50% can be achieved with the RS series.

Hydrovane provides versatile energy efficient air and gas compression solutions to a wide range of industries covering numerous applications. This includes; automotive and garage, construction, energy, medical and dental, transit, snow and manufacturing to name only a few.

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