FXS Series 0.5-1.6 m3/min

Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers

Ideal for low volume applications, the FXS series of refrigerant compressed air dryers from CompAir, produce pure, clean and dry compressed air from a simple, yet robust and sophisticated refrigerant dryer design.

Dependable high quality compressed air is assured with the FXS series thanks to excellent dew point performance under all conditions. These models are ideal for point of use applications such as in hospitals and laboratories as they are both quiet in operation and have a small footprint. A static condenser and waste heat recovery system further ensures an energy efficient solution with the lowest operating costs.

For flow capacities up to 1.6 m3/min the FXS series models are pure and simple!

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FXS Series 0.5-1.6 m3/min

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