A RS Range

Heat Regenerative Thermal Swing Adsorption Dryers

CompAir’s range of heat regenerative thermal swing adsorption dryers – with an operating pressure of 4 – 13 bar g – use the thermal swing adsorption method of drying compressed air. This method increases operating efficiency by reducing purge air consumption.

To reduce the amount of purge air required, heat is added to assist the process. Two heater assemblies are strategically placed in each dryer column to heat the purge air, optimizing regeneration. The heaters are switched on after the column has de-pressurised to additionally reduce energy consumption.

The combination of dry purge air and heat, uses less energy to remove the water from the saturated desiccant bed than is consumed by purge air alone.

Pre- and after- filter are included with the A RS range adsorption dryers from CompAir.

Energy saving dew point control and an advanced energy saving electronic control system are both optional extras with this range of adsorption dryers.

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A RS Range

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