Compressed Air Controllers

With energy accounting for approximately 80% of the lifetime cost of a compressor and with energy costs continuing to rise, modern compressed air stations are required to be more energy efficient and reliable than ever before. To achieve this, demand responsive intelligent sequencers are becoming increasingly important. Where multiple compressors are being used, installing an intelligent compressed air controller is one option that could assist the compressed air user in reducing energy consumption and their associated energy costs. To optimise energy usage and energy efficiency within a multiple compressor system, CompAir has developed the SmartAir range of compressed air controllers. From the SmartAir Lite, designed to intelligently control up to 4 fixed speed compressors, to the SmartAir Master, designed to control up to 12 compressors (which can be fixed or variable speed), these sophisticated compressed air controllers offer a total system solution. The SmartAir range of compressed air controllers from CompAir, help customers to achieve the highest level of efficiency, by controlling the overall system pressure band and reducing it to the lowest operating point as well as optimising and managing compressor selection. Click on one of the links below to learn more about CompAir’s range of flexible, easy to use and cost efficient compressed air controllers