SmartAir Lite

Compressed Air Controller
Manage up to 4 compressors

The CompAir SmartAir Lite compressed air controller is a total system solution designed to control up to 4 fixed speed compressors in order to achieve the highest level of compressed air system efficiency.

Did you know that energy accounts for up to 80% of the total cost of owning a compressor? And, did you realise that in compressed air systems where individual compressors run without a central control, between 10 to 50% of energy could be wasted?
No matter how large or small the compressed air system, with energy costs rising, optimising energy usage and energy efficiency in any compressed air system using multiple compressors is essential.

To achieve the highest levels of system efficiency, the SmartAir Lite compressed air controller takes control of the overall system pressure band and reduces it to the lowest operating point whilst optimising and managing the compressor selection.

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SmartAir Lite

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