Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air treatment is paramount in order to produce clean, dry and high quality air. The amount of water vapour and contamination in the air both play a key role in the compression process and the subsequent quality of air delivered by a compressor. Untreated air at atmospheric pressure will contain large amounts of water and contaminants such as dirt particles and oil droplets. When air is compressed the concentration of moisture and these contaminants increases. If contamination in the form of dirt, oil and water are allowed to remain in the compressed air system, they will have a detrimental effect on pneumatic equipment. This can cause damage to production equipment reducing its useful life and leading to unnecessary production downtime, as well as product spoilage.

CompAir has a comprehensive range of compressed air treatment products that will effectively and reliably remove water vapour, oil and dirt content from the compressed air, whatever the air quality requirement. From compressed air filters to compressed air dryers, oil water separators and condensate drainage,

CompAir has a wide range of compressed air treatment products to meet your downstream equipment requirements. CompAir is committed to providing energy efficient products. The compressed air treatment products are perfectly balanced to provide compressed air users with a wide choice of products to gain the right levels of performance with optimum energy savings.

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