A TX and A XS Range

Heatless Regeneration Pressure Swing Adsorption Dryers

CompAir’s range of adsorption dryers efficiently remove water vapour from compressed air, delivering air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1: 2010, whilst improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

The A TX and A XS models (A1TX – A14TX and A7XS to A50XS) use only single extrusions, with a pressure die-cast inlet and outlet assembly. Compressed air capacity within these ranges is increased by varying the length of the drying columns. The greater the flow required, the longer the drying column.

The A68XS to A340XS models use multiple drying columns of equal length to provide required compressed air capacity. The greater the flow required, the more drying columns are used (up to the maximum length of the manifold).

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A TX and A XS Range

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