Butchers Pet Care (Butchers), the family run pet food manufacturer based in the UK, has moved its Northamptonshire-based operations to a new manufacturing plant and has purchased a comprehensive CompAir compressor system to meet its complete air requirements.

Laurence Dawson, Senior Projects Manager for Butchers comments, ‘The new manufacturing and distribution facility has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. The plant has had brand new production lines installed as well as a range of technology designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, including; rainwater harvesters, energy-saving lighting, solar panels and low-water use appliances. We have also taken special care to install a new compressor system with enhanced efficiency, which has been installed and supplied by CompAir.’

At the previous facility, numerous smaller compressors were installed across the plant. The compressors were from a variety of manufacturers, with a range of models and did not provide the best energy efficiency. The new plant gave Butchers the opportunity to install a more comprehensive, energy-saving system, with increased reliability.

The compressors will be used to power numerous functions within the plant including moving can gates, pistons and cylinders. The compressed air is also used to prevent can deformation while the pet food is cooked within the can. The pressure provided by the compressed air prevents the cans from deforming during both the cook and cool stages of the sterilising process.

Because compressed air powers the efficient running of the production line, reliability is a key issue. Equipment breakdowns could lead to the entire plant’s production being halted.

Two CompAir L90 fixed-speed compressors have been installed to operate as duty/stand-by machines. An L75RS regulated-speed compressor has also been installed to flatten the peaks in compressed air demand.

This mix of fixed and regulated-speed compressors ensures optimum efficiency while providing a consistent flow of air. With the combined system, the compressors continually provide the exact amount of air required, enabling Butchers to ensure minimum energy waste.

To further guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the new compressors Butchers has signed an Assure maintenance contract with CompAir. The comprehensive contract includes major, minor and interim services that will ensure smooth and reliable operation, which is essential in the early stages of a new manufacturing plant.