Compressed Air Dryers

Air treatment is a prerequisite wherever clean and dry compressed air is required. It is a necessity for critical applications such as those found in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors. It is also very important for any application that relies on compressed air as part of the production process.

To effectively and energy efficiently meet the requirements for dry compressed air, CompAir developed the FX series range of refrigerant compressed air dryers. Reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly removal of moisture, oil, and moisture borne contaminants from compressed air is possible with the FX series. In addition, CompAir offers a wide range of classic and modular system adsorption compressed air dryers.

Adsorption dryer’s totally clean and dry compressed air down to -40oC pressure dew point as standard. For critical applications, adsorption dryers can be specified to provide a pressure dew point of -70oC. A pressure dew point of -26oC or better will not only prevent corrosion, but it will also inhibit the growth of micro-organisms within the compressed air system.

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