Smaller Packaged Units with Refrigerant Dryers

Fixed & Regulated Speed
Rotary Screw Compressors

From 15 to 22 kW, the L-RS series of fixed & regulated speed screw compressors provide a premium efficiency, high quality, reliable and energy saving compressed air package.

The L-RS series compressors come equipped with an energy saving high efficiency electric motor which reduces CO2 emissions.

Energy costs can be reduced thanks to the high output compression element with slow rotational speed. In addition, the highest levels of quality and reliability can be achieved due to the innovative design of the fail safe seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensuring external hoses are reduced to a minimum.

All of the L-RS series fixed & regulated speed rotary screw compressors are available with an integrated dryer. To maximize energy efficiency and eliminate expensive air loss, this option comes complete with a dryer and water separator, both fitted with zero loss drains.

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Smaller Packaged Units with Refrigerant Dryers

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