MAY 2013


Compressed Air FiltrationCompAir has just announced the launch of a new range of high performance compressed air filters. The LF series combines state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated product design features in order to maximise energy saving potential and reduce lifecycle costs.

The reliability of compressed air filtration is paramount to prevent contaminants entering the air distribution system. Contamination in the form of dirt, oil and water can lead to; pipe scale and corrosion within pressure vessels, damage to production equipment, air motors, air tools, valves and cylinders, premature and unplanned desiccant replacement for adsorption dryers as well as spoiled product.

The LF series of compressed air filters from CompAir efficiently removes contaminants from the compressed air. In addition, a user-friendly filter housing and a sophisticated element design ensures high performance whilst at the same time maximising energy savings and reducing lifecycle costs.

When compared to some filter designs, the CompAir LF series filter elements can reduce energy consumption by reducing the pressure drop over the life of the element by as much as 20 kPa. As an example, a 150 kW air compressor, with at 93% motor efficiency, running 24 hours per day, with an electrical cost of $0.23/kW-hr and a 20 kPa reduced pressure would create an annual saving of over $6,000!

Lifecycle costs are minimised with the LF series thanks to several ingenious design features. For example, the sophisticated filter head design. This allows for modular connections with the option to bolt up to three filters together providing a space saving solution and eliminating the cost of inter connecting pipework. Additionally, the clever Port Plates are provided to accommodate the existing pipe distribution size preventing the costly oversizing of filters.

The filter housing is made from a high quality aluminium construction and is 100% leak-tested. With ACME threads and a ribbed housing construction, the LF series compressed air filters have been designed to be service friendly.

Suitable for temperatures up to 120oC, compatible with synthetic and mineral lubricants, suitable for use in oil-free compressed air applications and with flow capacities up to 1500 SCFM, the LF series compressed air filters meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.