ATX A Range

Heatless Regenerative Adsorption Dryers

The ATX range of heatless regeneration pressure swing adsorption dryers from CompAir have a 2.0 – 95 m3/min capacity with pressure dew points -25oC, -40oC and -70oC.

Where the compressed air must not only be dried but also odourless and free from oil, CompAir offers the ATX A units. These heatless regenerative adsorption dryers with activated carbon stage models, constitute a reliable purification option for extreme requirements. The ATX A units have a 2.0 – 17 m3/min capacity.

The A18TX(A)T to A157TX(A)T and A190TXT to A930TXT models come with a factory mounted energy saving dew point control and remote monitoring.

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ATX A Range

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