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CompAir Oil Free Offshore CompressorsOil Free Offshore Compressors
D Series 75-150 kW

CompAir has been designing, manufacturing and supplying oil free screw compressors for more than 90 years.

Where oil-free offshore compressors are required for critical processes, the D range from CompAir provides the ideal solution. These oil-free rotary screw compressors from 75 to 150 kW, generate the highest quality oil free air in accordance with ISO 8573 Class 0.

Key Benefits

  • Generate 100% oil free compressed air
    Non contact, non-wearing labyrinth seals prevent bearing lubricant entering the compression chamber.
  • Achieve excellent efficiency
    The CompAir compression element design sets the industry standard for energy efficiency. Advanced asymmetric rotor profiles and optimised radial and axial porting ensure maximum air output for minimum energy consumption.
  • Standard product
    How often do you see custom built product with unique and specially built hardware and controls? When this type of equipment goes down, locating spares and service personnel can at times be impossible. Our offshore compressors are built using standard CompAir product to ensure that if there is ever an issue, standard CompAir parts can be purchased from your local dealer and any qualified CompAir service dealer will be able to provide service support.
  • Design flexibility
    The offshore compressors range from CompAir is available with a wide range of options to meet the requirements of each application. This includes; stainless steel compressor enclosures, marine grade external finishes, custom PLC control solutions and much more.
  • Weather protection options
    For harsh outdoor environments an additional range of weather protection options is available on the offshore compressors range. The standard outdoor protection kit includes; stainless steel 316 compressor enclosures, marine grade external finishes, induction protection and exhaust shrouding.

Technical Data

75 kW to 150 kW Oil Free

  Compressor Model Drive Motor

Free Air Delivered
Dimensions (mm) Noise Level
8 bar g 10 bar g Length Width Height
D75 75 11.13 9.46 2300 1500 1500 73 923
D90 90 13.81 12.12 2300 1500 1500 74 966
D110 110 16.75 14.83 2300 1500 1500 75 988
D132 130 19.93 17.67 2300 1500 1500 76 1055
D150 150 22.87 20.99 2300 1500 1500 77 1725

*Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C and Pneurop/Cagi PN2CPTC2 at the following conditions: Air Intake Pressure – 1 bar a (14.5 psi a), Air Intake Temperature – 20oC (68oF) Humidity – 0% (dry). Cooling Water Inlet Temperature – 20oC (68oF).
**+/- 3 dB(A) according to Pneurop/Cagi test code
The technical specifications above are for indicative purposes only and are typical performance details for the standard equipment. Addition of compressed air treatment such as dryers and filters will have an effect on rated performance. For detailed performance characteristics of equipment to meet your specification please contact the CompAir Engineered Offshore Products team.

CompAir Offshore Engineered Products Brochure 
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