CompAir has announced the expansion of the Quantima range of innovative oil free centrifugal compressors with the introduction of the Q-70L model suitable for lower pressure applications.

Now available with a minimum working pressure of just 3 bar(g), the Quantima Q70-L oil free centrifugal compressor model is ideal for those applications which require lower pressure oil free compressed air.

The lower pressure Quantima Q70-L model includes the innovative and patented Q-drive compression and motor assembly.

The motor and direct drive compression assembly uses magnetic bearings to provide stable control of the rotor shaft. The shaft is supported in a magnetic field, spinning at up to 60,000 rpm. With only one moving part, there is no contact and no wear for long life and reliable operation.

Operating at high speeds, the patented Q-drive motor incorporates an asynchronous induction design. As a result a conventional gearbox is not required. This eliminates costly gearbox losses and means that the compressor does not require any oil at all.

The Quantima oil free centrifugal compressor range represents a major breakthrough in oil free compressor technology. There is zero risk of oil contamination making Quantima the ideal choice for applications which require absolutely oil free compressed air such as in the; food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, glass and chemical industries .

Outstanding efficiencies and energy savings can be realised with the innovative Quantima range.

With no gearbox and no contact parts there is no performance degradation over the life of the Quantima oil free centrifugal compressor unlike standard screw technologies. This means that outstanding efficiencies can be achieved.

Variable speed technology matches output to exact requirements minimising off-load running. In addition, the lowest off-load power consumption can be achieved at just 2.5% of full load power. Energy savings of up to 25% and more are easily achievable creating a positive impact on the customer’s bottom line as well as reducing their environmental footprint.

The recently launched Q70-L has a small physical footprint at a fraction of the weight and size of equivalent compressors. It is quiet in operation with noise levels as low as just 69 dB(A) making it ideal for point of use applications. The motor rating is 300 kW, minimum working pressure 3 bar(g) and free air delivery 70.9 m3/min.

For more information on the entire range of Quantima Oil Free Centrifugal Compressors visit https://www.quantima.com